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Wie geht das?  Structure of the page.

Die Seite ist in drei Blöcke unterteilt.
- Erster Block: Nur Text über die gesamte Breite der Seite.
- Zweiter Block: Text mit Platz am rechten Ende für ein Foto (kann weggelassen werden).
- Dritter Block: Foto mit einem darunter liegenden Textblock.

Um die Benutzerseite anzupassen, melden Sie sich als Wettereigner im Benutzerformular an. Die Vorlage zum Ausfüllen sieht genauso aus wie die Benutzerseite selbst. Eine benutzerfreundliche Möglichkeit, eine eigene Seite zu erstellen.

Felder, von denen das benötigte Teil nicht benutzt wurde, werden nicht angezeigt.

Beachten Sie, dass nach 20 Minuten Inaktivität die Verbindung unterbrochen ist. Nicht gespeicherte Arbeit wird dann verloren gehen.
So speichern Sie Ihre Arbeit rechtzeitig, Ihre Seite ist sofort auf Ihrer Website sichtbar.

Kopfzeile  en subkoppen.

How do I adjust things?
- For the first two blocks a header is required to make the relevant block visible on the page. A sub heading is optional.
- An image is required for the third block. Header and/or text does not have to be added.
- The fields itself indicate what the relevant field is for i.e.:
* Block 1, header 1 (max 50) = >> The header of block 1. It can contain a maximum of 50 characters.
* Block 1 - Text block 3 (max 1000) = >> Text box can contain up to a thousand characters.

What to put on my own page?  A few suggstions

- What does excite you most regarding the weather?
- Pictures of (special) weather phenomena.
- Your weather equipment.
- Etc.

New sun hours registration  july 2016

Another expansion at www.mijneigenweer.nl. The weather sites are now also supported the use of a sun hours sensor. The sun hour sensor registers the number of hours the sun shines very accurate.

The registered sun hours are displayed on the home page. As the sun shines more hours the image of the sun will become darker.

In addition, the registration of the previous day and the total of the month is displayed.

Custom projects  big weather ticker

Weerhuisje.nl developed a news ticker for a marina in Noord Holland, showing current weather data from the weather station on site.
Also personalized text messages are easily to be added to the news ticker. One of the unique customization projects of Weerhuisje.

The 2m long news ticker can be read from a distance of more than 50m.

Davis Vantag Pro 2  best price/quality

Davis is the right choice for the serious weather enthusiast and the quality-conscious consumer. Davis also offers the best price / quality for the semi-professional segment. Various scalable models and a variety of options available.

- Extra temperature / humidity stations
- Soil moisture / temperature and leaf moisture measurement
- Repeaters for the larger distances
- Stand-alone systems via 3G network.

You can buy a Davis weather station from Weerhuisje.nl. Knowledge of the weather business and a sublime service.

Threatening clouds

Storm above Hijken. Some may find it terrifying, others enjoy it like a fantastic spectacle which inspires beautiful pictures.

WUS02 uploadserver

The basis for our weather website. You can also use it to upload to popular weather collection sites, send alarm mails, send automatic Twitter messages and much more. And the beauty of it: It does all at once.

Temperature wind rain

Together with air humidity the basic weather variables. Do you want to buy a weather station that can do this all? Go to Weerhuisje.nl for an extensive range and the best service and support. Weerhuisje.nl, all about weather!